To gain a better understanding of the speed and direction of groundwater flow, this project measures and models specific chemicals called environmental tracers.

This research provides new data and a modelling approach to assess flow rates and volumes of usable groundwater resources.

Reports and papers

Using Numerical Groundwater Modelling to Constrain Flow Rates and Flow Paths in the Surat Basin through Environmental Tracer Data PDF 5 MB

A three-dimensional numerical modelling approach was used to simulate groundwater flow and the transport of environmental tracers, carbon-14 and chlorine-36. Insights gained from the modelling and collected environmental tracer data was then used to obtain more robust parameterisation of the aquifer properties and to reduce model uncertainty. Key findings are:

  • Groundwater flow rates in the Lower Hutton Sandstone may be greater than current estimates.
  • Due to the relatively old age of the groundwater, 14C data was insensitive to many of the hydraulic parameters but may be more useful for local-scale models at the outcrops.
  • Groundwater flow directions are complex but it is very likely that some groundwater, which has recharged at the aquifer outcrops, discharges through the eastern outcrops near the Dawson River.

Final report, July 2018.

Constraining conceptual groundwater models for the Hutton and Precipice aquifers in the Surat Basin through tracer data PDF 6 MB

This is the first multi-environmental tracer study for the Precipice aquifer and therefore an important dataset to support the development of conceptual as well as numerical models for the Precipice aquifer. The preliminary assessment of the newly collected data allows for some initial  estimates of flow velocities and recharge rates.

Milestone 2.1 report, February 2018.

Hydrochemical assessment of the Hutton and Precipice sandstones in the northern Surat Basin PDF 4 MB

The hydrochemical assessment presented in this report will inform other tasks within this GISERA project, and form the basis for further testing of the conceptual hydrogeological understanding of these key aquifers in the northern Surat Basin.

Milestone 3.1 report, August 2017.


Groundwater flows in the Hutton Sandstone and Precipice Sandstone aquifers PDF 571 KB

By understanding the groundwater flows, we can improve the existing three-dimensional (3D) groundwater modelling used by both the CSG industry and Queensland Government. In turn results will improve our knowledge about the amount of water that can be sustainably extracted.

Fact sheet, March 2017.

Project Progress

This project is now complete.

Project proposal PDF 265 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, November 2015.

Progress report PDF 436 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress report, August 2018.

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