Researching the social, economic and environmental impacts of Australia’s onshore gas industry

The CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) is a collaboration between CSIRO, Commonwealth and state governments and industry established to undertake publicly-reported independent research. The purpose of GISERA is for CSIRO to provide quality assured scientific research and information to communities living in gas development regions focusing on social and environmental topics including: groundwater and surface water, biodiversity, land management, the marine environment, human health impacts and socio-economic impacts. The governance structure for GISERA is designed to provide for and protect research independence and transparency of research outputs.

CSIRO’s GISERA aims to:

  • Carry out research and provide information for the benefit of all Australian communities in onshore gas regions and industry.
  • Inform governments and policy-makers of key research outcomes.

GISERA research includes coal seam gas, shale and tight gas, and onshore conventional gas.


You can read more about CSIRO’s GISERA, on our fact sheet About us.

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