Baseline groundwater and seismicity, northern Perth Basin

Improving our understanding of seismic activity and groundwater in the northern Perth Basin in Western Australia

CSIRO scientists will employ non-invasive methods to monitor the occurrence and distribution of earthquakes (seismicity) and groundwater depths at which the ground is saturated with water across the northern Perth Basin in Western Australia. The northern Perth Basin makes up the northern half of the Perth Basin, which is a north to north–northwest trending, onshore and offshore sedimentary basin extending about 1,300 km along the southwestern margin of the Australian continent.

Scientists will use passive monitoring methods (seismic waves) to detect subtle changes in subsurface rock properties, primarily driven by fluctuations in groundwater depths within alluvial and confined aquifers.

Research results will gather data that will distinguish between natural and anthropogenic factors causing variations in groundwater depths and seismic activity, and provide valuable insights that can help to improve water use management for the agricultural community, resources sector and regulators.