Groundwater modelling and predictive analysis

Groundwater modelling and predictive analyses to inform the baseline assessment, monitoring and management of coal seam gas impacts to the Great Artesian Basin and alluvial aquifers in the Namoi subregion

This project will undertake independent groundwater modelling and predictive analyses to inform coal seam gas (CSG) groundwater impact assessment and regulatory monitoring and management in the Narrabri Gas Project (NGP) area.

The study will address community concerns about potential groundwater impacts to the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) aquifer – the Pilliga Sandstone and Namoi alluvial aquifers including groundwater losses induced by depressurization of coal seams in the underlying Gunnedah Basin.

Better understanding of ground flow systems and water balance of the alluvial and the GAB aquifers and their connectivity are crucial for assessing and managing impacts from coal seam gas depressurization in the Gunnedah Basin formations.

The improved modelling framework will help to estimate aquifer water balance under baseline development and future conditions including cumulative impacts and climate change effects.

Water and vegetation in Narrabri Gas Project area