This project will develop a water management framework with a focus on identifying sustainable options for managing onshore gas wastewater in the Northern Territory. The outputs from this framework include fit-for-purpose management and water treatment alternatives that consider costs, and high-level environmental and social outcomes.

Water management is one of the main concerns held by those communities potentially impacted by shale gas development in the NT. This project will involve close consultation with industry, government and community groups to incorporate a range of key social, environmental and economic assessment criteria into the framework. The use of the framework will guide industry and regulators to make optimal wastewater management decisions, with benefits to local communities, broader society and the environment.


Optimising wastewater management for onshore gas in the Northern Territory PDF 299 KB

This factsheet describes research project activities to develop a water management framework that identifies sustainable options for managing onshore gas wastewater in the Northern Territory, should gas resource development proposals proceed.

Factsheet, November 2020

Project progress

This project is 60% complete.

Project proposal PDF 612 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research  milestones

Project order, July 2020

Project progress PDF 197 KB

Research progress and any variations.

Project progress, August 2021

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