This project involves monitoring and communicating the changes and trends in community wellbeing, resilience and attitudes to CSG development across different phases of industry operation in south west Queensland, and identifies how these vary between the construction, post-construction, and operations phases of development.

The project will inform the community, industry and government understanding of how and why community wellbeing and attitudes to CSG vary between regions and phases of CSG activity for planning and approval purposes. A more comprehensive understanding of these dynamics across time and space will enable more strategic and proactive policy and planning around CSG development.

Reports and papers

Trends in community wellbeing and local attitudes to coal seam gas development, 2014 -2016 -2018 PDF 3 MB

This research documents changes and trends in community wellbeing, resilience and local attitudes to CSG development over time and across different industry phases. It shows changes between the construction, post-construction and operations phases of development in 2014, 2016, and 2018 respectively, and how attitudes and perceptions of the CSG sector vary across the region.

The results show that:

  • Overall community wellbeing in these communities has remained robust over 2014,  2016, and 2018
    • Though there were no significant changes in overall wellbeing, five dimensions of wellbeing changed significantly over the period.
  • Residents’ perceptions of their communities adapting to CSG development were modest and showed no real change from 2014 – 2016 – 2018.
  • Attitudes towards CSG development showed the same pattern over the time period in the Western Downs region, with 9% rejecting development, 10% embracing development, and 81% either tolerating, accepting or approving of it.
  • A statistical model shows how different factors can work together to best explain attitudes and feelings towards CSG development (social acceptance or lack thereof). These factors provide opportunities for improving the industry’s social licence.
  • The eastern Maranoa showed more positive perceptions of community wellbeing, adapting to CSG development, and attitudes towards CSG than the Western Downs region.

A copy of the Executive Summary is also available.

Final report, December 2018.

Project progress

This project is approximately 75% complete.

Project proposal PDF 464 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, February 2018.

Progress report PDF 445 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress report, January 2019.

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