This project will clarify the role of natural gas in meeting the state’s renewable energy, security, emissions and energy pricing goals.

Research outcomes will help define a least cost technical pathway towards 100 per cent renewable electricity and a hydrogen industry which supports an eventual zero net emissions in South Australia, consistent with South Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2015-2050 – Towards a Low Carbon Economy.


The role of gas in South Australia PDF 406 KB

This fact sheet describes research project activities designed to provide insights into how natural gas can help meet South Australia’s energy needs, accelerate the use of renewable energies, reduce carbon emissions and secure supply while maintaining prices.

Factsheet, October 2020

Project progress

This project is 50% complete

Project proposal PDF 272 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, June 2020.

Project progress PDF 339 KB

Research progress and any variations.

Project progress, October 2021

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