This project will review current industry practice and conduct experimental investigations to evaluate techniques and assess new materials designed to minimise fugitive methane emissions leaking from microfractures and gaps in gas well cement casing.

Results of this project will help reduce fugitive methane emissions by improving the integrity of gas wells through the development effective materials and best practice techniques for sealing microfractures and micro-annuli in well casing cement.

Reports and papers

Sealant technologies for remediating cement-related oil and gas well leakage PDF 2 MB

Wells play a central role in unconventional gas development and ensuring well integrity during their entire life and beyond is a significant challenge. Leaking wells are an ongoing risk for the oil and gas industry, resulting in loss of production, safety concerns and environmental damage. There are many potential solutions and technologies that can be applied for remediating well leakage. This literature review provides a summary of some of the technologies used.

Literature review, March 2020.


Mitigating fugitive gas emissions from well casings PDF 582 KB

This fact sheet provides an overview of research activities designed to help reduce fugitive methane emissions, improving the integrity of gas wells, and develop effective materials and best practice techniques for sealing microscopic fractures and gaps in well casing cement.

Factsheet, June 2020

Project progress

This project is 50% complete.

Project proposal PDF 331 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, August 2019.

Project progress PDF 723 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress progress, September 2020.

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