Queensland CSG well integrity: cements, steels and microbial activity

This project researches current and historic information on steels, cements and microbial processes that may impact coal seam gas (CSG) well integrity.

Previous research by CSIRO’s GISERA, the Queensland Audit Office, and University of Queensland’s Centre for Coal Seam Gas has shown that failure of CSG well integrity is of significant concern to the community and landholders. This concern relates to potential environmental impacts, such as contamination of underground aquifers and gas leakage.

Community and landholders, in particular, find the information available regarding well completion and abandonment hard to access and difficult to understand due to the highly technical nature of the data include in the reports.

The research project will help to improve understanding and reduce uncertainty about steels, cements and microbial activity within CSG wells that may have an impact on long-term well integrity.