Exposure assessment of identified chemicals used in CSG activities

This project further assesses the potential human health impacts of the identified chemicals within the GISERA Health 2 project study area.

A desktop exposure assessment for each chemical of potential concern (COPC) in the study site will be carried out, with a focus on those that may be persistent in the environment. Soil and aquifer microbiological degradation experiments will provide further certainty about which chemicals to focus on.

This will be followed by a field sampling campaign of wells/surface water bodies to determine the presence or absence of these chemicals. Where present, the concentration of these chemicals will be determined.  

Potential management options for mitigation of COPCs found to be present in the exposure assessment will be discussed in the final report.

The project will be managed with the aim to address issues that are a priority to the local community and other stakeholders, and with the findings of the research as it progresses.