It has been a very busy and successful 2016 for GISERA.

Message from the director

It has been a very busy and successful 2016 for GISERA. We have expanded our research activities into New South Wales and we continue our endeavour to provide trusted and independent information on the impacts and opportunities of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) development to the communities living in regions in which gas exploration and development are occurring. Our work is also valuable to industry and government, assisting with an increase in overall knowledge to ensure best possible outcomes.

As part of the expansion, we have commenced a new research portfolio on potential Health impacts of gas industry development. This research will review the potential for CSG activities to impact on human health, with the first project already approved by the NSW Regional Research Advisory Committee (NSW RRAC) to commence in the Narrabri region.

Further to the health project, seven other research projects to be undertaken in NSW have also been approved by the NSW RRAC. These projects cover groundwater, social and economic impacts, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The work being completed for the greenhouse gas and air quality emissions in Queensland has achieved significant milestones, including live streaming of air quality data from CSG regions through a network of five ambient air quality stations in the Chinchilla, Miles and Condamine region of QLD. Live streaming of data was launched on 25 August 2016. Take a look at the fact sheet for more information about the project.

The Ensuring biodiversity offsets project looked at identifying genetic and demographic factors that may limit the success of establishing a rare daisy (Rutidosis lantana) in new locations. This project’s findings were presented in a workshop in September 2016, attended by regulators, industry and consultants.

Information about GISERA and region specific project updates have been provided to NSW stakeholders, including the Narrabri Council, Narrabri Gas Project Community Consultative Committee, and you can find a copy of those presentations here.

In QLD, the 2016 CSIRO Community Wellbeing and Responding to Change survey was completed and presented publicly at meetings and forums in November. The outcomes compared community wellbeing, adaptation and attitudes toward CSG development in the Western Downs and Eastern Maranoa against outcomes from the 2014 survey. The presentations were attended by government, including the Community Development team from the Western Downs Regional Council and community groups such as the Basin Sustainability Alliance and industry stakeholders. The presentations were made at The University of QueenslandAgForce Projects forum, on Thursday 17 November in Chinchilla, as well as a forum hosted by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines CSG Compliance unit on 18 November 2016.

With the addition of 10 new research projects and our continued communication and engagement about our research to the community, local, state and federal governments and the gas industry, 2017 will be a big year as we continue to generate research outputs for GISERA.

Your thoughts and comments in relation to our research projects are always welcomed. Please contact us via the GISERA website contact page. I look forward to sharing more research updates with you in the future.


Damian Barrett,
Director GISERA, CSIRO Energy

Last updated: 12 January, 2018

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