Welcome to the latest newsletter from GISERA. In this issue you can read about our recent activities in South Australia and the Northern Territory as well as completed work in Queensland, including the community wellbeing data portal and final reporting for the CSG-LNG whole-of-life gas emissions project.

Director's message

Earlier this year, I spoke at the Australia Petroleum Producers and Explorers Association (APPEA) annual conference about the community well-being research recently conducted in Queensland by GISERA. It was an opportunity to not only provide valuable insights about the way Queensland communities have responded to onshore gas development, but also to reflect on how, over time, GISERA has been on a journey with the people who work in and around unconventional gas.

This work relates to our third and latest community well-being survey, conducted by CSIRO scientists in the Surat Basin – the first survey took place in 2014 and the second in 2016. In 2018, we extended the surveys from the Western Downs regions to include Maranoa to give us perspectives on the views of a community that has been familiar with onshore gas for over 20 years.

A key finding shared at APPEA was that the longer the period of time a community co-exists with onshore gas activities, the more relaxed and comfortable community members become. Conversely, when communities are unfamiliar with industry, and where there is uncertainty, there can be high levels of concern.

Our research shows that managing these concerns and building community confidence in co-existence with industry can be achieved but it is a task that can take years, even decades. Visitors to our new GISERA community survey data portal can see the changes in community attitudes that occur over time, as well as compare survey results by gender, age, community and location. It’s well worth a look.

In other GISERA news, we have been active in the Northern Territory and South Australia, as well as exploring new research opportunities in New South Wales and working to complete research activities in Queensland. This includes final reporting on life-cycle analysis of gas emissions in the Surat Basin.

We received recent approval for new research projects in the NT. These projects will examine the fate of shale-gas related chemicals in relevant aquifers and soils, and investigate stygofauna and groundwater dependent ecosystems. This will complement work recently completed in the region – baseline research into ambient methane levels, and geochemical analysis of groundwater samples.

In March we welcomed Pangaea Resources as a GISERA partner. Along with Origin and Santos, Pangaea Resources are seeking to explore for shale gas in the Beetaloo sub-Basin, south of Katherine in the NT.

Dr Damian Barrett
GISERA Director

Last updated: 20 August, 2019

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