Welcome to the Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance’s (GISERA) first e-newsletter, which provides updates on research progress and highlights interesting science.

Message from the director

Welcome to the Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance’s (GISERA) first e-newsletter, the purpose of which is to update you on research progress and highlight any interesting science.

GISERA is a collaborative research vehicle co-founded by CSIRO and Australia Pacific LNG. It undertakes publicly-reported research that addresses the socio-economic and environmental impacts of Australia’s natural gas industries.

The research program consists of 16 research projects in six subject areas: terrestrial biodiversity, greenhouse gas footprint, surface and groundwater, agricultural land management, marine environment and social and economic impacts.

GISERA’s research program has been operational for approximately one year and research projects are an average of 40% completed. Some research highlights include:

  • clay movement identified as a significant source of re-injection clogging
  • development of potential new methods for determining groundwater ‘age’
  • close parallels of farm impacts identified for CSG, wind farms and US shale gas industry
  • tagging and tracking of turtles around Gladstone Harbour
  • community resilience, a community’s ability to adapt and respond to and benefit from change, identified as an important feature for the continued prosperity and function of a community beyond CSG.

There are some initial research outputs and fact sheets available on the GISERA website.

In addition to the research work, GISERA has actively engaged in communicating the social and environmental challenges and opportunities arising from unconventional gas development in Australia. GISERA has had over 185 engagements with a wide range of stakeholders  through forums such as workshops, seminars, conferences and technical briefings over the last two and half years.

I look forward to sharing more research updates with you in the future.

Peter Stone, Deputy Director Sustainable Agriculture Flagship and Director of GISERA.

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Last updated: 31 January, 2019

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