This final report – Whole of Life Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment of a Coal Seam Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas Project in the Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia – assesses greenhouse gas emissions of a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Queensland, and the relative climate benefits of using Queensland natural gas in place of thermal coal as fuel for generation of electricity in Australia.

Report results align with other CSIRO research in this region, contribute to a more comprehensive understanding fugitive methane and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with Queensland CSG-LNG activity, and assist in the development of appropriate policy and management responses to ongoing and proposed industry activity.

Read the final report here.

Read the updated CSIRO factsheet Fugitive emissions from unconventional gas.

Watch a short animation on what the latest scientific research tells us about fugitive methane emissions from onshore unconventional gas.

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