This research aimed to identify community aspirations and their overlaps and/or disparities with existing resources, industry, and policy trajectories.

Specifically, to understand how different community segments see the future of the region and how these reflect the economic and policy avenues for the region, in turn the research will help inform sound industry and policy activities to satisfy the social licence to operate.

Reports and papers

Community expectations and Coal Seam Gas development PDF 502 KB

This report explores the range of expectations expressed by different segments of a small community living in and around the town of Chinchilla about how the impacts of CSG development should be managed, compares and contrasts the expectations across the different community segments and summarises local perspectives on who needs to be involved in addressing the impacts.

Final report, January 2014.

The Social Licence to Operate and Coal Seam Gas Development PDF 678 KB

This report outlines current community engagement literature regarding ‘social licence to operate’ suggest that a social licence might be more usefully understood as relating to the CSG industry as a whole, rather than in terms of an individual company’s operations.

Literature review, March 2013.

A desirable future PDF 2 MB

Community Aspirations and Coal Seam Gas Development – a visual perspective

Presentation, June 2015.


Social licence to operate PDF 312 KB

‘Social licence to operate’ has become central to discussions within extractive industries such as coal seam and shale gas, as they seek to recognise community interests. But where does the term actually come from and how is it currently understood?

Fact sheet, May 2013.

Project Progress

This project is now complete.

Project proposal PDF 338 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, October 2012.

Progress report PDF 442 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress report, August 2015.

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