This project aims to understand the direct and indirect impacts of tracks and traffic on invasive species and erosion in agricultural landscapes, and resulting in guidelines.

Reports and papers

Assessing erosion processes associated with establishment of coal seam gas pipeline infrastructure in Queensland, Australia

Impacts of soil compaction, surface cover, soil physico-chemical properties, and changing hydrology were measured to parametrize the Water Erosion Prediction Program (WEPP) and SIBERIA landform evolution models. Both models provided a reasonably good indication of the sensitivity of soil and field conditions to potential degradation processes caused by CSG pipeline right of way installations.

2016 ASABE Annual International Meeting Conference paper, July 2016.

Impacts of coal seam gas infrastructure development on agricultural soil: a case-study in southern Queensland, Australia

Despite of many economic benefits being delivered by the CSG industry, concerns have been raised over the potential environmental impacts associated with its production as well as potential long-term effects on agricultural productivity. The work reported in this paper was conducted to assess the extent of damage to agricultural soil caused by the various elements of CSG development, particularly the impact on soil compaction.

2014 ASABE and CSBE/SCGAB Annual International Meeting Conference paper, July 2014.

Quantifying the impacts of coal seam gas activities in the soil resource of agricultural lands in Queensland, Australia’

Soil compaction changes caused by CSG operations, including vehicle impacts and trench line installation, have been assessed by soil bulk density measurements. This measurement has been identified as a common impact by CSG operation and a key element of soil degradation of agricultural areas contributing poor vegetation establishment, tunnel and surface erosion processes and an ongoing decline for soil productivity.

2014 ASABE and CSBE/SCGAB Annual International Meeting Conference paper, July 2014.


Access tracks and soil erosion PDF 659 KB

Aerial photogrammetry is used to monitor and model the impact of access tracks on water flows and erosion.

Factsheet, December 2016.

Agricultural land management knowledge transfer session PDF 4 MB

The outcomes of this project were presented, along with other projects at an agricultural land management knowledge transfer session was held in Toowoomba on 2 December 2016, with representatives from government and industry.

Presentation, December 2016.

Soil compaction PDF 627 KB

Heavy machinery from CSG operations can compact clay soils but rehabilitation should restore productivity.

Factsheet, May 2016.

Project Progress

This project is now complete.

Project proposal PDF 501 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, September 2012.

Progress report PDF 624 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress report, June 2017.

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