This project aims to understand how to design farms for a new mixed land use.

This study will provide design principles and practices that optimise farm and gas infrastructure and operations, minimising negative impacts and maximising benefits.

Reports and papers

Identifying areas where coal seam gas development may assist agricultural intensification

This study aims to evaluate the inherent agricultural potential of the areas under CSG petroleum leases in the Surat Basin by identifying areas where aspects of CSG development may help facilitate farm intensification.

Agronomy Australia, September 2015.

Monitoring impacts from broadscale resource development on surface water flows in agricultural landscapes

This paper uses Aerial digital photogrammetry to develop surface flow models derived from
fine scale digital elevation models (DEMs) are an appropriate tool for monitoring impact of the wider CSG
footprint on surface hydrology and in identifying potential problems during early negotiation and decision
planning of future infrastructure.

The 17th ASA Conference, 20 – 24 September 2015.


Agricultural land management knowledge transfer session PDF 4 MB

The outcomes of this project were presented, along with other projects at an agricultural land management knowledge transfer session was held in Toowoomba on 2 December 2016, with representatives from government and industry.

Presentation, December 2016.

Project Progress

This project is now complete.

Project proposal PDF 438 KB

A detailed description of the project, budget and research milestones.

Project order, September 2012.

Progress report PDF 620 KB

The project outline, any variations and research progress.

Progress report, June 2017.

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