This year we’ve stepped up the level of scientific communication and engagement activity through GISERA.

Message from the director

Communities around Australia want trusted information about coal seam and shale gas, the techniques used in the extraction processes, the environmental risks and social impacts associated with these developments.

GISERA continues to play an important role in providing trusted information about the challenges and opportunities associated with coal seam and shale gas industries.

Significant progress has been made towards the completion of research projects started in 2011/2012 as we move toward the last twelve months of the original GISERA agreement. We have also utilised stakeholder survey feedback to understand how best to establish remaining research priorities under the current GISERA agreement. An update on new research approved as well as a detailed overview of our key research progress to date is included for you in this issue.

Due to the ongoing completion of key research projects, this year has seen an increase in scientific communication and engagement activity through GISERA. We have successfully hosted a series of CSG Research Community Forums for industry, local and state government departments, landowners, farmers, communities living in gas development regions and community groups in relation to GISERA’s research topics. These activities are set to continue well into next year.

It has been encouraging to hear positive feedback from stakeholders following our recent community forums. There has been a genuine appreciation for the level of information shared by researchers as well as the usefulness of open dialogue sessions shared between researchers and communities. The below feedback was received during our August marine community forum in Gladstone:

“The presentation was an open view of CSIRO’s activities in Gladstone.”

“The researchers were open to community comments and questions without any hesitation.”

“Just seeing the outputs of the study and hearing the limitations of their applications has been useful.”

“It was useful to learn about new modelling techniques that have come as a result of this research.”

Your thoughts and comments in relation to this Issue are always welcomed. Please contact us via the GISERA website contact page at any time. I look forward to sharing more research updates with you in the future and trust you will enjoy this Issue.

Damian Barrett, Director GISERA and CSIRO Research Director, Unconventional Gas.

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Last updated: 31 January, 2019

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