This is a video update on research undertaken by CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance to investigate the air, soil and water impacts of hydraulic fracturing of coal seam gas production wells in central Queensland.

Researchers are examining the air, soil and water impacts of hydraulic fracturing in coal seam gas production at two gas fields near Roma in central Queensland.

In one of the most comprehensive Australian studies of its type, CSIRO has conducted live air quality monitoring near operating wells, and is collecting more than 100 water samples and 40 soil samples to capture data before, during and after the wells undergo fracturing.

They will test for air pollution sources and compare air quality with state and federal guidelines. As well, water and soil will be tested for more than 150 potential contaminants. Laboratory tests will also simulate the impact of spills that may occur in the environment. Research outcomes will be shared with the community, government, and industry, with results expected late 2018.

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